Movies, Music, and Nightmares

William Mitchem Jr.

Born and raised in Southern Illinois, William is a 40+ year Paranormal/Cryptid researcher and an avid Horror fan.

His film education began at a young age when his mother introduced him to classic horror films such as The Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy. Most of his film education continued in the same way until more recently. (2018)

Being the horror fan he is, in 2018, the idea popped in William's head to share his love for everything Paranormal, Cryptids, Horror, and the Dark and Scary with the rest of the world, so was born.

The website started to get some notoriety.

The military and law enforcement used the website in training and used it for writing a thesis at Harvard.

Several sites reference to whenthefreakscomeout.

Then something catastrophic occurred. In 2014, William's 16-year-old son passed away suddenly from a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic coronary artery disease. William went into a severe state of depression, with the website forgotten.

Fast forward to late 2016. With the suggestion from an old friend and encouragement from his wife, he brought back rebranded with a new name, The Nightmare Closet.

He stated that "My son loved Halloween, Scary Movies, Ghost Hunting and this Website. We were supposed to make a movie someday, so I shall carry on."

In 2017 he was in the middle of several projects, from revamping the website, getting ready to do a podcast, and developing a web series called Paranormal Me, when he started writing a screenplay titled "I Don't Believe In Ghosts," which took over everything else at that time. "I Don't Believe In Ghosts" started production in October of 2018 and was a Nightmare of its own.

Life sometimes has a way of changing your course in ways you'd never expect. The website is once again in the process of rebranding, using William's name as the brand, after a unanimous poll from his audience.

William stated, "I'm taking things back to my roots and focusing more on the Paranormal and Cryptids, with a little scare thrown in here and there,"

William shares his life with his childhood crush, whom he married in 2012, and they still reside in a small town in Southern Illinois.

He still resides with his wife in a little town located in Southern Illinois.